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Solving the Problem of Not Enough Maintenance Employees

I work for a fairly large apartment complex in the maintenance department. For some reason we have a lot of turnover with employees. They just don’t seem to work very hard as this is a rigorous job that demands a full day of work often with overtime. With the low number of the maintenance staff, we just can’t seem to get to everything that needs to be done. We have to prioritize service calls and often do not have time for the landscaping part of the job. Hiring a Nassau County tree pruning company would most certainly lighten the burden that we carry around every day.

I mentioned this to my immediate supervisor and he completely agreed with me. (more…)

Moving into a Bigger Condo for Our Family

My husband and I realized that we were going to have to find a new place to live when we started talking about having kids. At that time, we thought we were going to wait several more years. However, so many of our friends were having babies, and it just really made us want one or two of our own. We were only living in a one bedroom apartment at the time, so I started looking at condos that we could buy. When I looked at New Futura online, I knew that I was not going to look for any other places.

When you have found a place that makes you just stop what you are doing so you can daydream, then it is probably the place for you and your family. That is what New Futura did for me. (more…)

Perfect Solution for when the Pain Gets Bad

My wife took me to a chiropractor in Salinas the other day when I woke up in the morning and suddenly couldn’t get out of bed. I mean that literally, too. I literally could not get out of bed. She was in the bathroom taking a shower while I grunted and strained to simply get myself up and out of bed. I couldn’t move and it was obvious that my old back problem and returned with a vengeance. I should have known this would happen because I hadn’t had an episode in some time. It always shows up when it’s least expected.

Still, this was the first time I literally couldn’t get out of bed. That was an alarming escalation with this problem and one that had to be remedied immediately. (more…)

Change : Making A Change Starts With You!



One of my favourite things is the judgement people get when making a change in their lives that doesn’t match the idealism of whom they are talking to.

I’ll give a few examples because they make me laugh my ass off. I have a very analytical mind and I look at my sources in which I get  information.

ok so one that I battle all the time at  work when I eat my lunch is…

Me sitting down to eat lunch( chicken,salad, brown rice) while I am approached with ” You can’t survive eating that! that isn’t enough food! Let’s go to Boston pizza, it’s pasta tuesday!”        Or it’s be sitting down to eat breakfast and I have my oatmeal. Same response ” That isn’t even food” While I watch them eat their Mcdonalds breakfast.

It’s hard for me to respond in these situations because there are many things I could come back with. My main goal in this world is to assist, educate and encourage to be better in which ever aspect of their life needs improving. So my response is always educating in what nutrients are in my meals and what they benefit. I never get farther than 10-20 sec of my explanation. I have done this for about a yr now and I understand why people keep doing this finally…

For me it makes sense; I have a six pack, people comment on my physique, and I am also proud of the way I look. The one’s usually commenting on my habits or food are usually overweight. So physiologically it prevents blaming themselves for being in the physical condition that they are in if they cut me off and disregard the education I am giving for free.

It’s no different in financial world. There are so many resources out there explaining and assisting people on making more money; even millions. This is something I have spent the past year of my life researching. The closer I get to making any type of success, I get put down by all the people around me and I have figured out that that majority of people out there, for selfish reasons do not like seeing others succeed in any aspect of their lives.

It is unfortunate that people do not want to be called out in their faults preventing them from which ever result they are looking for but it’s a reality. No one likes to be told that they are failing; I get that but when is enough enough!? If i educate someone about diet and exercise that puts onus on them. But guess what!? That is what will help you succeed in the future.  When someone tells me I suck at something I use it as fuel( lesson learned) to void making that same mistake. If we are not improving ourselves everyday what is the point of being here?

A lesson I have learned throughout my years of training and now business world is that nothing comes for free or easily. But when you look on tv and online you see easy outs for all kinds of things! This is our current times issue. We have been programmed to think if you want a result for something, than you can just buy one in pill form, or gadget form. This is something that has to be changed!!!! Yes there are some easy places to shop and features like electric assist back hatches on SUV’s now but easy is not always better.

The easier we make everything in our life the quicker we will die! This is a fact not my opinion. “Only the strong survive” is not just some saying it should be a way of life.

I wish I could sit here and promise all my clients and followers that there is this new diet to try that will give you fast results but there isn’t!! they are all garbage.

There is only one answer to results in anything; that is HARD WORK. There is a blueprint in which I can give you that will make it easier applying the hard work but that is it. The rest is up to you guys! Results can only be earned.

1st   step is to write down what your goal is…

2nd  You need to be honest with yourselves and write down on paper what it is that will get you those results  ie. Cardio and adding more veggies to diet for weight loss

3rd Plan how you are going to apply this to your life, ie. how much time? how often?

4th schedule schedule schedule the time it is going to take to achieve these results

5th  Diary- This is going to be your accountability in why you are or are not getting these wanted results.

I know it is easy to always find something or someone to blame when goals are not achieved but lets make that change and hold ourselves accountable.

Change =  Fulfilment!!!!!!  Think of every time you did something that you did not want to do at first, but what once you started you were like ” This is awesome!!”?

The more we as humans achieve the more we enjoy this life of ours. We only get one so lets make it count!!!

Hair Care Secrets The Pros Don’t Want You To Know

Hair Care

Soft and shiny locks are something that everyone wants, however, very few people know how to get them! The piece that follows contains terrific ideas for improving the look and health of your hair now and in the future. Nobody desires lack-luster locks, that is why you need to remember the things you find here to get great looking hair.

When you dry your hair don’t rely too much on a blow-dryer. Constant use of heat styling products can easily damage your hair, and this can lead to a frizzy look. Instead, towel dry hair whenever possible. This lets your hair dry in a natural way and keeps the frizz at bay.

Be sure your hair retains moisture to avoid becoming brittle and dry. This can cause it to break. When you are shampooing your hair, the water temperature can make quite a difference. After shampooing your hair, make sure you rinse it out with cool water. The cool water helps by sealing moisture in the hair shaft.

Try to use your hair dryer very often. Heated air that comes from dryers can cause great damage, so air drying is best. If you have blow dry your hair, maintain a cool setting, and avoid putting it on the same spot for too long. Thoroughly towel dry your hair before blow drying to help your hair dry quickly.

Look for hair care products that consist mainly of all-natural ingredients. Use shampoos and conditioners made for your hair type. Do not wait to try other products to find the one that works best for you!

Give your dried hair a treat by using an inexpensive and simple deep-conditioning treatment. You can use your normal conditioner to do this by just using more than you usually would. Then, you need to get your hair wrapped up in a towel that is warm and damp. Plastic wrap can be used too, and this is to trap heat. 30 to 60 minutes later, you can shampoo out the conditioner and rinse.

Alcohol damages hair, and can cause it to be dull, dry and lifeless. This can really harm your hair, so be careful when deciding on what products to use. Take a look at the back before bringing it to the counter.

When you are using conditioner, make sure you are spreading it evenly throughout your hair. Also, you need to be sure to keep the conditioner in your hair and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes to soak in.

Don’t stay out in cold weather for long periods of time. Cold weather may dry up your hair and lower the amount of healthy oils and nutrients on your scalp. Cover your head if you will be outside a while.

Assimilate texture into your hairstyle. Texture cuts down on styling time, helping you to get the look you want with less effort. A perm or an excellent scissor-cut can be used to add texture to your hair. You will find the correct cut will result in fuller body for your hair, as well as varied styling options.

Because brushing and combing your hair breaks up loose skin on your scalp, it can help your hair to grow more quickly. Another benefit is that it can clear out any pores that might be clogged, Give your hair about 100 strokes when you brush it in the morning for better hair growth.

To keep hair at its healthiest, keep a healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke and keep a watch on your stress level. Also, exercise, eat well, get plenty of water and you will see the quality of your hair reflect your hard work. The lifestyle choices you make will have a big impact on your hair.

Protect your hair from the sun just as you do your skin. When outdoors, wear a hat or use a protective spray to keep your hair from being damaged by the sun or wind. This will help protect your scalp from burning. Color-treated hair tends to fade faster when exposed to the sun.

Learn how you can cut your hair yourself. Going to a salon every 6 weeks for a hair trim could cost you a lot of money, so learning to cut your hair can then save you lots of cash. There are currently loads of self hair cutting tutorial videos on YouTube and they will teach everything that you need to know.

Dandruff is a result of a lot of things. Most people do not know that you are more prone to get dandruff if your hair is oily. It seems like dry hair would cause dandruff, but this is not so. Using a shampoo that’s mild or a dandruff fighting one is the best course of action in this case.

Although great looking hair is highly sought after, most people do not know how to achieve this. This article will have hopefully shown you some ways to get the Hollywood hair you have always wanted. Put these recommendations to use today and you’ll see results and admiring looks very soon!.